Watch free Running Man with English / Indonesian subtitles? Tutorial & List of Methods for eng sub in 2024

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Many friends always claimed that can’t watch SBS Korea Running Man 2021 & 2022. In many places, Running Man episode is not including English / Indonesian subtitlesIf you are a fan of Running Man in Hong Kong, Macau ,Taiwan or other places, But you speak English or Indonesian, you can use the following method using VPN. 

What is Running Man?

” Running Man ” (Korean: 런닝맨 ) is a variety show of South Korea’s SBS TV station, which started airing on July 11, 2010.

Starting from May 6, 2012, it will start at 6:10 pm Korean time on Sundays, and each episode is about 80-99 minutes; from November 8, 2015, it will start broadcasting at 4:50 pm Korean time on Sundays; From April 17, 2016, it will start broadcasting every Sunday at 6:25 pm Korean time; from March 26, 2017, it will start broadcasting every Sunday afternoon at 4:50 pm Korean time; starting from January 6, 2019, The broadcast will start at exactly 5 p.m. Korean time on Sundays; from September 19, 2021, it will start at 4:55 p.m. Korean time on Sundays. Taiwan was originally authorized by FOX Channel to obtain the number of officially authorized episodes (to episode 261). From January to the end of December 2015 (to episode 331), the official authorized full version can be watched online on LINE TV (from episode 274, except for episodes) Except episodes 275 and 276, there are complete content of each episode), starting from December 10, 2017, every Sunday Iqiyi Taiwan Station will be broadcast. Since January 6, 2020, the friDay video will be closely followed by South Korea every Monday. Hong Kong is on demand by myTV SUPER closely following South Korea. Singapore is on demand by viu closely following South Korea. The Philippines is on demand by viu closely following South Korea.

The initial game setting is that guests and hosts are locked in famous landmarks in South Korea to play, and must escape before they start business. Members who lose after a few rounds of games will be arranged to be accepted in places where people come and go. Embarrassing punishment. After May 2011, the penalty for the loser was cancelled, the winner was given prizes from time to time, and the game mode was changed to perform tasks in advance of each place, and the winning member or team received favorable tips or powers for the final task, and the most famous game in the show The link is the intense and exciting brand-removing battles, or related duels derived from brand-names. His PD is Choi Baobi, and the fixed host group includes Yoo Jae-seok (“Sixth Sense”, “What’s Good to Play”), Ji Xichen, Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Song Ji-hyo (“Wife Is Going to the Wall This Week”, “Come to the Witch’s Cafeteria” , “The Savage Princess”, Lee Kwang-soo (get off on June 13, 2021) (“Perfect Partner”, “Live”, “It’s Okay, It’s Love”), Jeon Soo Min (“Sixth Sense”, “Top Superstar Yoo Baek” “), Liang Shican (“Comedy League”).

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Running Man broadcast channels and overseas cross-regional viewing methods

Viu Singapore (known as VIU in Hong Kong)

Both Viu and ViuTV belong to PCCW Group in Hong Kong. The chairman of the group is Li Zekai, the son of the richest man Li Ka-Shing. The Viu overseas app provides Running Man episode replay and provides subtitles in simplified Chinese, English, Indonesian, etc. However, Running Man is only available in Viu Singapore (Because in Hong Kong copyright belongs to TVB).

If you don’t want to watch Running Man in Chinese-funded background video streaming platform, friends who are interested in watching can use VPN gp cross-region to Singapore to watch Viu Running Man), I have tested that you can use NordVPN to connect to Singapore

Click here to watch Viu

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