Learn languages ​​for free? Lingoda Sprint 100% Cash Back Rebate Review

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Is lingoda worth it? Is Lingoda Legit? How does Lingoda works? Here’s best Lingoda review, and editor shares his view based on Lingoda cost, Lingoda language support, etc. Also we will share Lingoda super sprint review and rules in order to get 100% cash rebate.

It’s no secret that learning languages ​​can be expensive. Books, classes, and travel can add up quickly. That’s why many people are excited about the possibility of learning languages ​​for free. And now there’s a new way to learn languages ​​completely free – with a 100% rebate from Lingoda! In this article, we’ll look at how the Lingoda rebate program works and see if it really is as good as it sounds!

Recently, many famous YouTubers started advertising Lingoda, which made me wonder what Lingoda is? It may be because many people are not able to attend classes in person during the epidemic. Compared with Lingoda, the physical classroom is relatively less flexible, and Lingoda has a foreign language course with 100% full refund of fees. Students only need to take classes every day to learn the language, and they can get a refund after three months. There are a small number of comments on the Internet saying that Lingoda failed, failed, etc. The following hope to see based on personal experience and Internet user evaluations

What is Lingoda?

Lingoda is a global online language learning platform, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, offering courses in 4 languages ​​(English, German, French and Spanish) with live online teaching. Personally, I think it is a little expensive to register for general courses directly. The teaching materials are complete and the teachers are good, but the price is average. The biggest feature of Lingoda is that it provides a marathon system with cash back, as well as the challenges of the 2-month language sprint class “Sprint” and the super language sprint class “Super Sprint”. If you complete the sprint class, you can get 50% or 100%. of cashback (previously it took three months). There are more than 60,000 students from more than 100 countries and more than 1,000 qualified native language teachers.

Lingoda hosts 550,000 classes a year and is an official Cambridge Assessment English accreditation body

Online Lingoda Reviews

Rated 4.5 out of Lingoda in both Trustpilot and Google reviews. Official surveys indicate that 92% of students are satisfied with Lingoda.

Lingoda Sprint Rules and Introduction

Lingoda Languages category

English/Business English, German, French, Spanish

Course selection method and level

The grading is based on the CEFR European language classification table A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and each level will be further subdivided into 2 to 4 stages. When registering, although you need to fill in the level and let the system preset your learning level, the user can change the level at any time, and can also have different levels in each class.

For beginners, follow the course schedule and choose courses, and choose the time that suits you or your favourite teacher in each class.

If you are not sure about your level at first, you can take an online quiz provided by Lingoda.

Course category

The Lingoda Sprint sprint class has 15 classes per month, and the super sprint class must take 30 classes per month (note that only one class per day is allowed).

Each level of Lingoda has complete curriculum planning and teaching materials, and the theme is also very rich. Under the same theme, there are different items such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, etc. (each is a class), and there are also different items. sub-topic. For example, “environmental protection” is a very German topic. Under environmental protection, there are small topics such as climate change, resource recycling and domestic waste disposal, and life and environmental protection recipes that can be discussed.

The way I choose courses is to follow the topics I like, especially for advanced classes, the topics are really rich, there are discussions on philosophy, art, politics, democracy, university education, and the future of technology and AI. Yes, they are full of interesting topics, and you can get familiar with those words, but usually, you won’t learn too professional content on these topics. After all, this is a language class, and what you learn is language, but after this class, there may be related topics. Language ability to touch deeper things in that field by itself.

Start time

There is a fixed opening season every year! Since Lingoda is a live class, not a pre-recorded video class, you need to check the official website for the start time of the class. You will have to wait for the next season if you miss it.

How it go?

When you enter the Lingoda website, you will be prompted for a Zoom classroom. Classes are small and usually start with a quick self-introduction – then your teacher will share their screen, which is an interactive slideshow that covers all the topics you need to learn a language. Each class has a different teacher, so It is always possible to find a teacher that suits which level or level, but since these lessons are all pre-packaged into fixed slides (and everything needed), students don’t need to do much work outside of class other than downloading beforehand, if They want extra help at home/vacation.

Lingoda進入Zoom測試 0 0 screenshot
Screenshot of the online video, Lingoda system will display the time of the next lesson, allowing you to enter zoom to start testing the sound screen for any problems

Course Mode

Lingoda classes are usually lectured all the time, whether it’s a topic of vocabulary or listening skills. There’s a lot of conversation involved, so it’s not just pure boredom. But don’t worry too much, anyway, the teachers are usually very good and most of them are encouraging. The teaching style of teachers varies from person to person. Some teachers will let students do role play, directly practice sentence making or write short essays, and some teachers pay attention to language pronunciation.

Classmates come from all over the world, most of them are Asian, and the others are often Russian and Spanish, so you can hear the accents of various countries and train your listening. They may not necessarily speak English well, but sometimes they will It is very interesting to meet classmates who like to talk very much. If you take a more advanced class and have a lot of opinions to share, sometimes you will really encounter opinions that you don’t agree with.

As a Lingoda student, you can download class materials and notes for free and use them anytime. There will also be a quiz after class to help you practice. All materials are uniquely created by Lingoda professional instructors to comply with CEFR standards.

Lingoda Sprint Pricing

Lingoda CourseNumber of classes per monthDeposit (refundable upon completion)Average monthly feeCurrent 
Lingoda Offers
Lingoda Sprint15US$59US$165Participate in 15 classes per month during the course (up to one class per day), and you can get a half-tuition cash rebate (50%)
Lingoda Super Sprint30US$59US$305Attend 30 classes per month during the course (up to one class per day) to receive a full-tuition cash rebate (100%)
Lingoda General English Course Fees
  • 15 sprint classes per month: 199 euros (approximately NT$6,500) per month. That is about NT$440 per class.
  • 30 super sprint classes per month: 330 Euros per month (approximately NT$10,900). That is about NT$365 per class.

Business English and German are a bit more expensive, at 229 euros and 390 euros per month respectively.

In addition, there is a deposit, which is completed during the course (regardless of success or failure), and will be refunded after three instalments of money are paid and the contract is not terminated.

image 23
Lingoda Cost
image 24
Lingoda Pricing

As long as you are a diligent student, you can get 100% cash rebate if you insist on not missing a course. Take it as a challenge and you will have the perseverance to complete the 60 Lingoda lessons

Of course, if you miss a course, you need to pay obediently. Compared with other English tutoring courses, Lingoda is actually cheap (about US~10) even if there is no discount for a course. There will be different adjustments according to individual progress

Lingoda Business English Course Content

The Business English that editor reported

Lingoda Sprint Challenge Full Rebate Challenge Tips and Tips

The editor integrates my own experience and online experience and lists a few key points. Of course, Lingoda may change the terms from time to time

  • Attend a class for 60 minutes a day for 60 days. If you are absent from class for any reason, you will fail the challenge and will not be able to receive a full refund, but you will still be able to continue the class.
  • The class is based on the specified start time of the activity. If the class starts early, it means that it has not started yet, and it will fail.
  • You can change the learning level at will, but you cannot change the learning language, so it is best to select all levels and languages ​​at the beginning
  • Classes are made by appointment. It is best to book the class one week in advance. Only if the class is cancelled “seven days before the course starts” or “within 30 minutes after the course selection”, the official will refund the course points to you. If not in the aforementioned two situations If you cancel the reservation, the points will not be refunded, that is, you will end up missing the class. Even if you buy additional points to take the class, the official will eventually say that because you did not cancel the class under the above two conditions after booking the class, And judge you to fail the challenge
  • If the teacher suddenly cancels the course, the official will send you an email to notify you that you do not need to take another class that day, and it will not affect the challenge.
  • The class time is 60 minutes. If you arrive too late or leave early, the teacher reserves the right to mark you as unfinished, and the challenge will fail
  • After the challenge is completed, the system will automatically renew the course. If you do not want to continue the course, you must cancel it yourself to avoid extra fees.
  • After the challenge is completed, you must wait for 14-45 days for review, and a full refund within three months (excluding deposit)

Lingoda Refund Mechanism

After the 2-month course period, it will enter the review period. If it is successfully completed, the refund and feedback will be refunded to the original card within 2 months. I received it in about two weeks. The actual test is true. will receive!

1657624566 image
Learn languages ​​for free? Lingoda Sprint 100% Cash Back Rebate Review Image 7

You will receive an email telling you that you have completed the challenge to get a full 100% refund, super excited to get the course for free, two months of hard work is not in vain

Lingoda Introduction Video

Lingoda alternative

Baselang, Duolingo and italki

Lingoda FAQ

Is Lingoda recommended?


How much is Lingoda monthly?

If you complete Lingoda sprint class, you can get 50% or 100% cashback. All you have to do is not to drop 1 lesson within the whole Lingoda Spirit Marathon

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