Best Russia VPN in 2024: 3 Including Expensive, Cheap and Free

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Some people say that VPN is a must when surfing the Internet in Russia. What exactly is a VPN? Is it really a must? What is the technical principle behind it? In recent years, social movements and political events around the world and in Russia and Hong Kong, such as anti-government demonstrations, have all experienced Internet bans. Businesses and governments may collect sensitive personal data or other information, and VPN will be your best choice! For people from other regions or countries, if you are worried about data leakage, please use VPN too. Of course, VPN also allows you to use global social websites like Facebook, Instagram, watch streaming videos and on-demand program content like Netflix.

According to political climate in Russia now, the number of VPN searches has increased by a hundred times, Demand for VPNs surged by 1,092% in Russia on March 5, the day after Russia blocked access to Facebook, according to Top10VPN. and there are also many online commentary articles. This article hopes to recommend 3 VPNs for Russia, including expensive, cheap and free VPNs. The editor will distinguish different opinions and evaluations based on speed and personal analysis. I hope the following articles can help you choose the most suitable VPN for Russia people.

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What is a VPN?

What is Vpn? VPN namely virtual private network, communication method commonly used to connect private networks between medium and large enterprises or groups. In recent years, individual users, especially Macau users, often use VPNs for reasons of privacy, security and virtual switching of regions.

You may be looking for a free VPN, but the reason why free VPN circumvention tools are free is that VPN companies may collect web browsing data for data analysis purposes, and there may be organizations or government agencies behind them. User network whereabouts.

So it’s better to find a reliable, safe and reliable VPN service. In fact, the general VPN service charges are also very affordable.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Type (Monthly Fee)VPNProsConsApplicable users
Expensive VPN (> US$3)NordVPNHigh speed stability, high security, and many functionsHigh-risk users, users who pursue stable streaming
Affordable VPN (< US$3)Surfshark VPNCost-effective and safeAverage speed stabilitygeneral user
Free VPN (FREE)Without spending any moneyPoor speed stability may contain ads or adware, low securitytry a VPN

What scenarios are VPNs suitable for?

Have you noticed that when you go to some streaming platforms, there will be a video that cannot be played in that region. With a VPN, this should be 99% avoidable.

Data encryption processing, hiding your network whereabouts and footprints

Your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will initiate a connection to the VPN server. After authenticating the device, the VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel. Any data sent over the Internet is divided into packets. Because your private data is segmented, compressed and passed through an encrypted VPN tunnel. When the data reaches the VPN server, the outer packet is removed to access the inner data through decryption.

Your encrypted data will appear garbled to any third-party observer. Even if the ISP or hacker intercepts the data, they cannot read it.

Social networking Sites and Global Site

Meta applications like Facebook & Instagram (as Putin Russian authorities called for Meta to be labelled an extremist organization and said they would restrict access to its Instagram app after the social media giant said it would temporarily permit some calls for violence against Russian soldiers), the authority may continue blocking other websites which have opposite stance to the Russia authority.

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According to Netblock: Russia ISP blocked Facebook content Server

Unlimited data to watch sports streaming and replay anytime, anywhere

Whether you are at home or abroad, you will never miss any exciting moments. You can use VPN to watch the following sports streaming and replays across regions, including

  • Olympics (Olympic Games)
  • European Cup of Nations
  • NBA
  • England Premier League (Premier League) etc.

Unlimited data to watch popular streaming and TV programs in different regions anytime, anywhere

  • Seamlessly watch and switch between Netflix, Disney+ in different regions (Netflix quits Russia)
  • Live broadcast and TV program or other global streaming platforms in the world
  • Youtube Premium

NordVPN is the fastest-growing VPN brand in recent years. I believe everyone has seen multiple  NordVPN advertisements by different Youtubers. First,  NordVPN is willing to spend Marketing fees to promote it. Second, it is indeed a relatively stable VPN with high-cost performance. If you came to see the benefits of NordVPN after watching a Youtube ad, you’re right.

The monthly fee is only US $3.67 and you can enjoy 6 VPN device connections. (Special holiday deals can be as low as $3.3) If you buy something that doesn’t meet your expectations, you can apply for a refund (30-day money-back guarantee)

NordVPN has more than 5,500 servers and the latest  WireGuard2.0 VPN protocol is installed on all servers. NordVPN performed better than ExpressVPN in the recent AVTest speed test. NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, and the payment processing company is located in the Republic of Lithuania. At present, there is no information about NordVPN’s Chinese background on the Internet, and there is no incident of sharing user data with any national government. Therefore, it is based on the traces of service providers. It looks relatively clean. And as a large VPN service provider, there is less need to worry about the sudden termination of the service due to insufficient funds.  

The main reason for ranking first is that the speed connection is relatively stable for individuals

The Hong Kong Consumer Council tested the speed and functional performance of 20 VPN services in 2020, of which 14 are paid VPNs, with an average monthly fee ranging from about RMB 19 to RMB 65. The tests were conducted on Windows computers, Mac computers, iPhones and Android phones to test the Internet speed, functions and ease of use of VPNs, as well as the privacy and security terms of each VPN. Compared with other paid VPNs, SurfShark VPN  performs better in download speed, reaching 5 points (that is, a full score).

Although Surfshark VPN has a full score in the Hong Kong Consumer Council test, we have no way of knowing the position behind the Consumer Council. We only know that the chairman, vice-chairman and members of the Consumer Council are appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong Government). Whether the Consumer Council’s rating and performance of VPNs are fair or not will be left to the public to judge.

However, Surfshark is also the best VPN speed in CNET 2021, an authoritative technology website in the United States.

The ranking dropped slightly to second, mainly due to the fact that the speed connection is personally slower than NordVPN , The background of the Hong Kong Consumer Council may makes the test less reliable


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