Unboxing Keychron K3 – Best Keyboard Review & Comparison

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This is Keychron K3. You can take a look at the body design is very simple, and it uses Low Profile, so you don’t need to buy a hand rest.


The body is mainly made of the aluminium metal frame, so it is completely suitable for friends who like minimal style

This keyboard is a 75% layout keyboard (84 keys), mainly lacking the NumberPad (digital keypad), users can even replace the keycaps and replace the key shaft by themselves, but the editor can’t change the shaft on this one.

In addition, the charging position and keys are stored behind the keyboard, and the back of the keyboard is equipped with a height-adjustable keyboard foot

The manufacturer intimately comes with a keyboard, but it is unknown whether it is practical

The manufacturer also comes with a durable braided charging Type C cable. This cable is mainly used for wired connection for painting or for wired connection. I think the wired connection is relatively stable for playing games, because I have tried Bluetooth and sometimes there is a delay Problem, it is not clear whether it is a computer problem or a keyboard delay problem

The selling point of the keyboard can be seamlessly switched to three different devices through Bluetooth 5.0. The combination of Fn + 1 / Fn+2 / Fn+3 can be connected to different devices, including the Android TV box, and the switching time is less than ten seconds.

It is Comfortable for typing

As for the keyboard axis, I chose the tea axis. You can watch the video below to experience the sound produced by keyboard typing.

Finally, there are many types of keyboard lighting effects under the white light situation. The official said there are about 18 kinds. The lighting effect mode can also interact with the case you input, which is very interesting.


The final price is about HKD$500, I think the price is fair enough.

Because it has an aluminium alloy body and so many lighting effects, the point is that you can connect three different devices and there are also wired connections, so I think it’s worth starting

Buy Keychron K3 in Amazon: https://amzn.to/31LEuJt


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