Youtube Premium VPN fail payment? 8 Ways with Common failure Reason when purchasing Argentina / India Youtube Premium

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Have you ever got payment failure problem when subscribing YouTube Premium with VPN, so how can we solve it successfully? Why cannot purchase Youtube Premium with VPN? Here are 8 ways for troubleshooting when subscribing to YouTube Premium via VPN across regions, like Youtube Premium Argentina / Youtube Premium Turkey / YouTube Premium India.

Reason for failure

Payment failed, credit card payment problem

Check if using recommended Youtube Premium VPN

Yes, the editor can’t test different VPNs one by one, so I would recommend NordVPN because I did use NordVPN to connect and successfully subscribe to YouTube Premium in other regions (I subscribed to YouTube Premium in Argentina). In addition, most YouTube viewers and netizens in the Discord group have reported that they cannot use other VPNs such as Surfshark VPN to purchase cross-regional purchases, so the editor unanimously recommends NordVPN as the VPN of choice for cross-regional subscriptions to YouTube Premium!

The editor has also got exclusive discount for reader in TechMusea. Website readers can use the above link to register NordVPN and enter “techmusea” code to enjoy an exclusive additional discount and one month free.

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Subscribe Youtube Premium using different devices and browsers

Some netizens often report that they failed to pay to subscribe to Youtube Premium. This situation may be

  • Credit card has expired
  • Credit card information entered incorrectly
  • The credit card is not an international credit card and cannot pay overseas charges
  • The type of credit card is not Mastercard Mastercard/Visa
  • The credit card is a prepaid or debit card

Clear Browser Cache Cookies & Cache

Some readers often report that when they go to the YouTube Premium page, even if they have connected to the region (eg. Argentina) through NordVPN, the local currency is not displayed even if the page is refreshed. At this time, you can clear the browser’s cache or cookie file. We take chrome as the example


Ask a TechMusea group member / leave a comment about subscribing to YouTube Premium

You may be desperate at this point, but You are not alone, you can leave a message to let us know, or join our Discord group to discuss YouTube Premium with members around the world

Of course, I really hope you join all our communities, including YouTube Facebook and Discord, to support us.


Fill in correct billing information

Since you are subscribing to YouTube Premium in other places, the YouTube system will detect whether you have entered the correct local address and postal code.


Register a new Youtube Google Account

If you are still very unfortunate and fail to use the above method to subscribe to Youtube Premium through VPN across regions, you may have subscribed to YouTube Premium and used a local Payment Profile before. At this time, you can open a new Google YouTube account and use After the new account is subscribed, you can add the existing account as a family member. Of course, you can also directly use the new account to use YouTube Premium services.


The last method is to find a shared account

If you’ve already purchased YouTube Premium and want to share it, you can go to our discord group to share your account with others, so friends who have trouble joining YouTube Premium can join as a family member.

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