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What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is the fastest-rising VPN brand in recent years. I believe everyone has seen multiple NordVPN advertisements from different Youtubers.  NordVPN is one of the most influencing VPN brands and is willing to spend marketing fees to promote it. Secondly, it is indeed a relatively stable VPN in terms of speed and high-cost performance. If you have watched Youtube ads to see the benefits of NordVPN, that’s right.

The monthly fee is only US $[wpsm_custom_meta field=”_price”] monthly fee to enjoy VPN device connections. If you find it does not meet your expectations after the purchase, you can apply for a refund (30-day money-back guarantee)

NordVPN server for more than 5500 and a complete line of the server to install the latest  WireGuard2.0 VPN protocol, in recent AVTest speed tests,  NordVPN performance is better than ExpressVPN. NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, and the payment processing company is located in Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania). At present, there is no information about NordVPN’s Chinese background on the Internet, and there is no incident of sharing user data with any country’s government. Therefore, it is based on service providers. Look also quite innocent. And as a large VPN service provider, you don’t need to worry about the sudden termination of the service due to insufficient funds. 

Which Scenario best for NordVPN?

Have you noticed that when you go to some streaming platforms, there will be videos that cannot be played in that region? After using NordVPN, this situation should be avoided 99%^.

Sports Streaming and Replay anywhere with Unlimited Data1655240547 hero threat protection eye bubble

Whether you are at home or abroad, you will never miss any wonderful moments. You can watch the following sports streaming and replays across regions by using a VPN, including

  • Olympics
  • European Cup of Nations
  • NBA
  • English Premier League (English Premier League)

Movie & TV Streaming and Replay anywhere with Unlimited Data

  • Seamlessly switch between Netflix and Disney+ in different regions
  • Hong Kong ViuTV, TVB live broadcast and TV program review
  • TV Streamming Services
  • Youtube Premium

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Advantages of NordVPN

VPN Data encryption

Your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will initiate a connection to the VPN server. After verifying the device, NordVPN will establish an encrypted channel. Any data transmitted over the Internet must be divided into packets. Because your private information will be divided, compressed and transmitted through an encrypted VPN channel. When the data reaches the VPN server, the external packet is removed to access the internal data through decryption.

Your encrypted data looks garbled to any third-party observer. Even an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hacker cannot read it cannot read those data. No authority can get logs of your browsing history since there are none.

3 VPN Protocol supported by NordVPN

  • IKEv2/IPsec
  • OpenVPN
  • NordLynx WireGuard

Block Malware, Tracker & Ads1655242177 hero malware protection male

NordVPN’s Threat Protection tool shields you from malware in several ways. It prevents you from accidentally visiting malicious websites by restricting your access and showing you a warning message instead. Threat Protection also scans every file you download. If it detects malware in the file, it deletes it immediately, before the contents can do any damage to your device.

NordVPN protects you from tracking by changing your IP and encrypting your data, Threat Protection takes it to the next level. It blocks trackers so that you can enjoy the highest level of privacy.

NordVPN also stops the intrusive and malicious ads before they even get the chance to load. This not only makes your browsing experience safer. It also improves the load of the site you’re visiting so you can enjoy a smoother browsing experience.

Experience Uninterrupted & Stable Streaming

Leave the disturbing buffering picture Buffering behind. NordLynx communication protocol is selected from 5349 ultra-high-speed VPN servers, and experiences the strongest fast VPN  connection without bandwidth limitation.

Watch and Browse Anywhere at anytime

Whether at home or abroad, you will never miss any wonderful moments. A total of 5500 units NordVPN servers across 59 countries and regions around the world allow you to secure access channels.

Support 6 Concurrent Devices Connections1655240742 Hero asset many devices lp scd 4079

With 1 NordVPN account, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time, including smartphones, laptops, smart TVs and routers. The whole family and friends can watch it together anytime, anywhere!

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If you want UNLIMITED Concurrent Devices Connections, you can check other VPN brands like Surfshark VPN, Atlas VPN

Works on all popular platforms, browsers and systems1655240429 multiple devices

There are NordVPN apps on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and even Android TV. There is also an extension for encrypted proxy servers for Chrome and Firefox.

Apart from that NordVPN also support the following devices, you can do setting on almost all routers at home

1655241616 nordvpn support

Great Customer Service Support1655241487 nordvpn customer support chat phone

NordVPN Customer Service 24×7, are usually with great help, and they will not quit the live chat as soon as possible. They will wait patiently and answer all technical and billing questions at once.

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Work with Nord Security Products

NordPass Password Manager

Nord exclusively provides another security protection software that allows you to safely store and access passwords anytime and anywhere. Whether it is a game website or personal email login, or even your credit card information, you can save it in NordPass Premium, providing you with double Guaranteed. If you purchase  NordVPN, you can get a discount of up to 25% off NordPass Premium, which is US $1.32 per month  (original price US $4.99).


No. of Devices


Devices Support

Android, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Router, Windows



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Up to 59%off with 3 free month + 【TECHMUSEA】code with 1 extra month