Trick to get Cheapest Disney+ for $2.8 Monthly with VPN? Tutorial Plus Price Comparison 2024 by Region & Country

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Looking for Disney Plus cheapest price? How can I use the VPN to watch cheap Disney+ in the US or other regions? Here’s Disney+ VPN guide, reviews and tutorials with Disney plus price in different countries! With such high-quality on-demand content, Disney Plus is popular in the market. In November 2020, just a year after Disney Plus first launched, Disney announced that Disney+ had signed up nearly 74 million paid subscribers.

Editor has been using Disney+ for more than 1 year, and we found that you can subscribe in Disney+ cheapest country with help of VPN for as cheap as US$2.80 per month, which is equivalent to the price of juice. We integrate comments from Reddit, and forums in Asia, and find out the “disney plus VPN Cheapest” method

Disney+ Pros

Disney Plus lets you watch classic Disney movies and more out-of-the-box programming

SeriesDisney Plus Video content
Disney+ Originals and Exclusives“Eagle Eye”, “What If? “, “Rocky”, “The Falcon and the Cold Warrior”, “WandaVision”, “The Mandalorian”, “Little White Presents”, “Monsters Start”, etc.
Marvel Studios Big MoviesAvengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc.
Star wars moviesStar Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Disney Classic MoviesOriginal animations and live-action movies, such as “Black and White”, “Freak Adventure”, “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Fellow 2”, etc.
PIXAR animation“Midsummer Friends”, “Soul Adventures”, “The Magic of ½”, “The Incredibles 4”, “The Incredibles 2”, “Boom 2”, etc.
National Geographic“Hell Cook: Exotics”, “Limitlesswith Chris Hemsworth”, “Visit the Otherworld”, “Space Pioneer”, “Explore the World with Shef Goldblum”, “With Bare Hands”, “The Mystery of Whales”, etc.
Star“Deadpool”, “Infernal Road”, “Medical People Should Be Self-improvement”, “Chasing Love”, “Hellstorm”, “9-1-1”, etc.

Disney+ Fees in Different Region/Countries

There will be a cheap Disney+ VPN subscription tutorial at the end of the article

The list below shows Disney Plus price by region/country, Indonesia and India got the Disney+ cheapest price with nearly same video library which is disney plus cheapest country

Country / regionMonthly fee (in local currency)Monthly Fee (in USD)
Hong KongHKD 73$9.40
TaiwanNT 270$9.80
SingaporeSGD 11.98$8.80
CanadaCAD 8.99$7
AustraliaAUD 8.99$6.70
new Zealand$9.99 NZD$7
channel islands£5.99$8
Isle of Man£5.99$8
MexicoMexico $159$8
Puerto Rico$6.99$6.99
India (disney plus cheapest country)299 rupees$4
Indonesia (cheapest disney plus country)39,000 IDR$2.80
Switzerland9.9 CHF$11
Denmark59 DKK$9.60
Greenland59 DKK$9.60
NorwayNOK 69$7.80
Sweden69 SEK$8.20
Brazil27.9 Brazilian Real$5.40
ArgentinaARS 385$4.70
Chile6,500 CLP$8.70
Colombia23,900 COP$6.90
Peru25.9 PEN$7.20
Costa Rica$5.99$5.99
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Singapore Disney+

image 1

Why subscribe US/India/Indonesia DISNEY+ with VPN?

Hong Kong Disney+ / Taiwan Disney+ / Singapore Disney+US version of Disney+Disney+ in India / Indonesia
PriceExpensive, above USD$8Regular, USD $6.99Very cheap, USD$2.8 – $4
FeaturesNo ESPN or Hulu serviceHas ESPN or Hulu serviceNo ESPN or Hulu service
Comparison between different prices of disney plus in different regions / countries

In other regions such as the United States and India, the monthly fee is cheaper than that of Hong Kong and Taiwan. In addition, it can be shared with 7 users . The cheapest monthly fee for each person to share is only US$ 0.4

  • No ESPN or Hulu services are currently available in other regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan

Like Netflix, although the official Disney+ claims have no officially called family plan, Disney+ supports the creation of up to 7 “User Profiles” within one account. Users need to log in with the same account, but each user has their own You can create an independent four-digit password, manage your own playlists and records, etc., and you can choose your favourite Disney characters as avatars. So in fact, this is equivalent to the Disney+ family plan.

Disney Plus
image 3

Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPN service to purchase the US version of Disney+ across regions, which will be more useful. Of course, you need to spend some money to buy a good VPN, but the use of VPN is very extensive. In addition to subscribing to cheap Youtube Premium, you can also cross-regional Watch Netflix in different regions, streaming platforms, and even live sports events, of course, VPN can also protect your network whereabouts. We recommend you using NordVPN

Disney+ VPN Tutorial

Disney+ VPN Recommendation

Below Disney plus VPN can be successfully subscribe Disney+ plan, of which we most recommend NordVPN

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Why watch Disney+ across regions with VPN?

image 4

When you use a VPN to watch Disney+ across regions, the Disney+ web page will detect that you are travelling. If you are immigrating to travel or studying abroad (United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia ), you may not be able to watch Asian movies, vice versa, such as Taiwan’s hit Someday on One Day, and Moonlight

At this time, you need to switch to Taiwan or Hong Kong across regions. The editor has tested the use of NordVPN, and the connection is successful and the speed is very stable.

Disney+ Test Proof

The editor successfully paid and used Disney+ to write the above Disney plus teaching articles. All tests are 100% true. Most other websites generally do not have proofs and real screenshots and videos. If you are interested, you can click on the exclusive discounts below

image 9

Hong Kong users :

Offer 1: Subscribe to Disney+ via HKBN
Offer 2: Register for one year via this Disney+ link 15% discount directly on the fee

Taiwan users:

Register the annual fee directly through this link and get 15% off

Singapore users :

Register the annual fee directly through this link and get 15% off

Cross-regional subscription US, India and other regions:

Order Recommended Disney+ VPN first (NordVPN exclusive offer), click here to go to Disney+

Disney+ VPN FAQ

Why use a VPN to buy a subscription to US/India DISNEY+?

The US version of DISNEY+ has ESPN or Hulu service, and the monthly fee for the Indian version is cheaper than Hong Kong and Taiwan even if there is no ESPN or Hulu service in other regions, click here now

Are there any discounts on Disney Plus in your area?

If you don’t want to subscribe to Disney+ using VPN in other regions of the US/India version, this website also lists some channel discounts of Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore Disney+, click here now

Singapore users:
Register through this link and get 15% off the annual fee directly

Hong Kong users :
Offer 1:
 Subscribe to Disney+ via HKBN
Offer 2:
 Register for one year via this Disney+ link (Get a 15% discount directly)

Taiwan users:
Register the annual fee directly through this link and get a 15% discount

Partial Source: Disney+


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