HUAWEI Ads wins the Best Platform Development Award in MDA d Awards 2022

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUAWEI Ads, the digital advertising arm by Huawei, won the Best Platform Development Award (Bronze) in the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) d Awards 2022. This award represents recognition of HUAWEI Ads’ effectiveness in helping advertisers achieve business success through its platform solutions. 

HUAWEI Ads received the Best Platform Development Award (Bronze) in MDA d Awards 2022. Built upon Huawei’s established mobile ecosystem, HUAWEI Ads help brands to reach over 730 million Huawei users across devices and apps to achieve their business goals.

The d-Awards 2022 is organized by MDA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of Malaysia’s digital economy. This industry award is set to recognise and honour digital marketing talents, brands and service providers that embrace the use of digital technologies to elevate consumer experiences. Finalists are judged by a panel of prominent industry leaders and experts.

HUAWEI Ads presents a creative and innovative ad solution with a Data Management Platform (DMP) that targets users based on app usage and in-app behaviour. Relying on Huawei’s mobile ecosystem, the ad marketplace interacts with the Huawei devices’ algorithms and architecture, making it the most effective platform for advertisers to reach over 730 million global Huawei device users across smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Additionally, through the comprehensive Huawei native apps and over 41,000 third-party publisher partners, HUAWEI Ads can help advertisers amplify their brand messages and services from multi-digital touchpoints

“The winning of the Best Platform Development Award (Bronze) highlighted HUAWEI Ads’ outstanding performance in providing a brand or advertiser with dedicated platform solutions, multi-platform ad adaptation, utility and high degree of customization to better engage with the Huawei ecosystem users,” commented the MDA d Awards 2022 judging panel.

“We are proud to receive this recognition from MDA and we will continue to work closely with existing partners and with new partners as we continue growing our platform. We hope to help advertisers continue achieving their business goals while bridging data connectivity and minimising its complexity to provide precise reach and more intelligent ad distribution. This is made possible with Huawei’s all scenario 1+8+N strategy which synergises across various smart devices and apps that can help advertisers amplify their businesses, products, and services from multi-digital app touchpoints,” said Nick Zhao, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, Huawei Malaysia. “The convenience and seamlessness of the platform are what makes HUAWEI Ads an efficient tool for digital marketers.”

Reach new heights with HUAWEI Ads

Built upon the established mobile ecosystem, HUAWEI Ads demonstrates advantages by leveraging its ever-growing ecosystem. The platform’s frequently updated adtech and toolsets complement its multiple consumer touchpoints so that brands and advertisers can strategize, set up and manage their ad campaigns efficiently. In addition to the technical capabilities, choosing the right target audience is another valuable key to ad campaign success.

A testament to HUAWEI Ads’ capabilities is the ad campaign with Senheng, a leading consumer electronics chain store in Malaysia. Senheng promoted its new app through HUAWEI Ads in Nov 2021 and achieved 10 times increase in daily app downloads within the campaign period. The Senheng app was featured in Huawei official app market –AppGallery’s “New Apps We Love” section to increase visibility and drive downloads. Besides being displayed in AppGallery, Senheng ads also appeared in more channels, such as HUAWEI Video and HUAWEI Browser to maximize app exposure and tap into the broader base of Huawei users. As a result, Senheng achieved an above-average performance at a cost-per-download (CPD) lower than the industry benchmark through HUAWEI Ads.

“Our mission is to help brands tap into a pool of new audiences in the world’s third-largest mobile ecosystem,” said Nick Zhao. “HUAWEI Ads will continue to improve our ad strategy and platform in order to help more businesses excel and achieve their goals using our platform.”

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About HUAWEI Ads

HUAWEI Ads, is the digital advertising marketplace designed for Huawei devices. The service interacts with Huawei devices’ underlying algorithms and architecture, making it the most effective platform for reaching Huawei’s global user base of over 730 million people across devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets.


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