Developing quality workforces in the world – Kingdee launches Constellation HR Cloud

SHENZHEN, China, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From May 7-11, 2022, Kingdee Cloud Cosmic Summit, a highly concerned event in the industry, was held in Shenzhen. This Summit aims to explore how enterprises can digitally drive HR management change and develop quality workforces in the world by creating a flexible and agile organization.  Meanwhile, Kingdee also officially launched its blockbuster HR SaaS product, Kingdee Cloud-Constellation HR Cloud, to the public. The Constellation HR Cloud is built on Kingdee Cloud Cosmic’s assembleable enterprise-level PaaS platform with Huawei as a prototype customer. In the process of product building, Kingdee has acquired the rich scenarios and leading practices in Huawei’s cooperation and co-construction projects, and combined with its own HR digitalization experience of over 20 years to create a new generation of HR Cloud products for large enterprises.

Hello, new world of HRM!

On the day of the Summit, Xu Shao Chun, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Kingdee Group, pointed out in his speech titled “Nine Trends of HRM” that the development of HRM in the digital era will present nine trends, including the change in HRM supporting strategy model; the transformation of organization form to platform-based organization; the transformation of individuals from “task simps” to “value co-creators”; the transformation of digital enablement from experience-driven to data-driven; and the transformation of HRM to “mental resources” management, and etc.

Xu Shao Chun said that in the digital era, HRM requires new thinking, including the strategic thinking of “thinking with a CEO’s mind”; the altruistic thinking of “developing quality workforces in the world “; the knowledge-based thinking of “discovering, cultivating and developing core talents; the data-governance thinking of “from experience-driven to data-driven”; and the cultural thinking of “heart-centered”. Xu Shao Chun also pointed out that the new mission of HRM in the future is to “develop quality workforces in the world”.

Chen Chunhua, Dean of BiMBA Business School of National School of Development at Peking University, presented the latest results of cooperative research with Kingdee in the keynote speech and expressed that, through the investigation and survey of 61 CHOs from domestic and international leading enterprises, it was found that in the future, the HRM will take actions in five respects, including: efficiently aligning with the corporate strategy, deeply personalising the experience of employees, proactively collaborating with business operations, treating skills as core assets, and creating a digital technology architecture for HR.

Chen Chunhua also stated that the future enterprises would enter the scenario-based stage, and how to understand customer value and use digital technology to reshape new business scenarios would become the core of enterprise strategy, therefore, HR would also focus on value scenario creation, by building new business scenarios, deeply combining digital technology with HR business, and co-creating value with management team and product team.

Constellation HR Cloud Launch – Kingdee joined hands with Huawei to enter HR SaaS Market

When it comes to Kingdee, “smashing” has become the most distinctive label, from Xu Shao Chun smashing laptops in 2014 to advocate mobile office, to smashing the “necked hand” in 2021 to redefine the enterprise-level PaaS platform. Behind each “smashing” is a metamorphosis of Kingdee, and more importantly, the leading of the industry and technology. At this Summit, with Xu Shao Chun and his partners swinging the hammer again, breaking the “cage” that binds the traditional management thinking of HR and opening a new world of HRM, Kingdee also joined hands with Huawei to officially launch the blockbuster HR SaaS product for the large and ultra-large enterprises, Kingdee Cloud-Constellation HR Cloud!

Huawei and Kingdee started to cooperate in the field of human resources digitalization in 2020, and have explored and practiced digitalization in various fields such as organization and talent management, and basic employee services. Both parties are committed to building a world-class HRM platform with “Huawei’s scenarios and practices + Kingdee’s platforms and products”. At present, the HRIT cooperation project built by Kingdee Cloud Constellation for Huawei has completed some modules and achieved business online. The two parties will continue to deepen cooperation to fully facilitate the digital operation of HR in Huawei.

It is known that the project is based on the Kingdee Cloud Cosmic PaaS platform, which has powerful scalability and assembly characteristics, helping enterprises to create flexible and agile organizations that are truly business-oriented. Zhu Tao, assistant president, deputy general manager of R&D platform and general manager of HR cloud product department of Kingdee China, said in the product introduction that this release of Constellation HR Cloud will bring about eight major innovations, including globalization, intelligence, assemblability, “heart-to-heart” experience, flexible organization, flexible employment, comprehensive incentives, and talent activation.

Specifically, in terms of globalization, Constellation HR Cloud will help large enterprises realize global employment and global payroll framework, and provide characteristics such as global deployment capabilities and global personal privacy compliance; In terms of intelligence, Constellation HR Cloud will provide customers with a variety of intelligent application scenarios based on the powerful AI capabilities of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic, such as intelligent person-post matching, intelligent labor risk management and control, and intelligent salary adjustment, and etc., to help large enterprises improve the efficiency of HRM, and change “human governance” to “digital governance”. In terms of assemblability, based on Kingdee Cloud Cosmic, an enterprise-level PaaS platform that can be assembled, Constellation HR Cloud can provide a variety of applications of PBC, so that business scenarios and business processes of enterprises can be easily assembled to help large enterprises respond to changes in an agile manner. Upon the release of Constellation HR Cloud, it will form a dual-mode IT human resource cloud product line together with s-HR cloud, so that more companies shall adopt this solution that integrate advanced concepts and EBC system to benchmark against world-class standards.

What behind Kingdee’s release of Constellation HR Cloud on the basis of Huawei’s global HRM practice is the broad growth space hidden in the domestic HR SaaS field. According to research data from the international consulting firm Gartner, the global HCM software market is expected to reach US$30.687 billion in 2025, with broad prospects. According to Kingdee’s strategy of “Platform + Finance & HR & Tax + Ecosystem”, HRM cloud service has become another strategic deployment of Kingdee outside the field of finance and tax management and PaaS platform. From this point of view, in the future, domestic HR SaaS will undoubtedly become a golden track.

Kingdee Cloud Cosmic 5.0 — The Super Base behind the Powerful Product Power of Constellation HR Cloud

Without a solid foundation, even a beautiful building is just a pavilion in the air; similarly, without a powerful PaaS platform, even a good SaaS product is hard to be put into production. The ability of Constellation HR Cloud to meet the complex and high-standard demands of large-scale enterprises’ HR digital transformation is inseparable from the support of Kingdee Cloud Cosmic, a powerful assembleable enterprise-level PaaS platform.

Zhao Yanxi, executive vice president and general manager of R&D platform of Kingdee China, said in the keynote speech that every large enterprise in the future will need an assembleable PaaS platform, and Kingdee Cloud Cosmic is exactly the assembleable enterprise-level PaaS platform. It is not only a unified platform for all of Kingdee’s SaaS products, but also a platform for a series of capabilities, including technical capabilities with cloud-native and distributed as the core technologies; application capabilities with dynamic domain models as the core technologies; data capabilities with data weaving and AI as the core technologies; and open capabilities based on API and ISV application markets. All these capabilities endow Constellation HR Cloud with powerful product performance.

It is worth noting that Constellation HR Cloud fully considers the data migration problem in the process of digital transformation of human resources of large enterprises, and builds a historical data migration platform between multiple systems through a low-code integration platform, supporting large-scale data migration of 600,000+ personnel and 80 million + data in total, and realizing an automated migration rate of 100% and an accuracy rate of 100% of migrated data.

According to Kingdee’s strategy of “Platform + Finance & HR & Tax + Ecosystem”, HRM cloud service has become another strategic deployment of Kingdee outside the field of finance and tax management and PaaS platform. Taking this Cosmic summit as an opportunity, Kingdee launched Constellation HR Cloud based on the best practices of Huawei HR, which focuses on the layout of the HR market, to support the creation of a new world of human resource management with an assembleable enterprise-level PaaS platform to help Chinese enterprises go global and develop quality workforces in the world!

About Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited

Kingdee International Software Group Company Limited (“Kingdee International” or “Kingdee”) was established in 1993. It is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0268.HK) and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Adhering to the core values of “Acting in all Conscience, with Integrity and Righteousness”, the Company is committed to helping businesses achieve their growth targets through dedicated services. It strives to provide clients with the most trusted enterprise service platform.

According to IDC, Kingdee ranked as No.1 in the SaaS ERM (Enterprise Resource Management Cloud Service) for Large, Medium and SME enterprises in China, maintaining the No.1 in the market share in terms of SaaS EA (Enterprise Application Software Cloud Services) and Finance Cloud. Meanwhile, Kingdee has become the only Enterprise SaaS vendor in China that has entered into the top five of Gartner’s application platform software in 2020, as well as the only Chinese vendor to be selected in IDC’s Asia-pacific manufacturing ERP SaaS MarketScape, as a Contender. In addition, Kingdee Cloud was selected in “The State of Low-Code Platforms of Forrester”, having the most case studies among all enterprise PaaS+SaaS platforms. Kingdee has attached great importance to user privacy and data security, and obtained the “grand slam” of security and privacy certifications, including ISO27001, ISO27701, Grade III Protection of Information Security, Cloud Security Alliance CSA-STAR.

Many cloud service products of Kingdee have won the favour of benchmark enterprises, including Kingdee Cloud Cosmic (new-generation PaaS Platform for enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Constellation (SaaS solution for large enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (SaaS solution for medium-sized enterprises), Kingdee Cloud Stellar (SaaS solution for micro and small enterprises). Kingdee has provided software management and cloud services for more than 6.8 million enterprises, governments and organizations across the world.


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