NordVPN 推出6.42更新-支援繁體中文及加強安全性

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NordVPN 的用家要注意了, 2022 NordVPN 推出的新更新 6.42.4 除了解決部分用戶間中應用程式當機問題外, 重要是終於支援繁體中文

Fixed: A bug that slipped into the previous release and made the app crash at launch is gone now.
More about NordVPN 6.42:
Hello, 2022! We’re excited to bring a whole lot of newness to you:
• Dark Web Monitor: It’s a Sherlocky feature that silently scouts the shady underbelly of the internet for data leaks. If it detects exposed credentials linked with your email address – ding! You get an alert. This way, you can immediately change your passwords on breached services to defend your data against cybercriminals. And flipping a switch is all it takes to power the Dark Web Monitor. Elementary.
• Security score: It shows the collective power of the features you’re using. The higher the score, the more powerful your online security. Check yours – if it’s not 100% yet, we’ll help you reach the summit of NordVPN protection in no time!
• Left sidebar: It holds handy shortcuts to Settings, your security score, and the main VPN screen. This will let you easily navigate back and forth through the sections, no matter where in the app you are.
• More languages: You can now use NordVPN in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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