Free Bitcoin Passive Income in 3 minutes! Cryptotab Browser Tutorial

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Virtual currency or cryptocurrency or even NFT is the major trend of decentralization in the future. If you don’t want to miss it, or want to know what mining is, beginners can try to use software that does not require code and high-level system requirements, and the editor actually tested it. Earn income, immediately use your idle computer or device to start getting Bitcoin for free with Cryptotab Browser at zero cost! Continue reading Cryptotab tutorial with detailed text, and editorial evaluation.

Cryptotab Browser Tutorial

When trading/mining cryptocurrencies, I’m used to turning on NordVPN to hide my IP and make activities more anonymous (of course you can use other VPN services), making it harder for third parties/governments to track related transactions. 
What’s even better – NordVPN accepts not only credit cards, but also cryptocurrencies such as  BTC/ETH/LTC/ XRP for payment. The monthly fee for purchasing 
NordVPN via the designated link is as low as US$3.7!


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The editor heard that many friends worry that mining may cause malicious attacks or theft of personal data in the computer. You can install anti-virus software or use VPN, such as 
NordVPN,  to hide your IP and make activities more anonymous, and the mining speed is Not slowed down by connecting to VPN
First download Cryptotab Browser, the browser supports Windows and Mac
Enable VPN after installation (Not neccesery but recommended)
After downloading, I will turn on the VPN and connect to any region for security, usually connect to nearest location
Sign in to your Google account
Turn on speed mining
Start mining
Adjust the mining operation speed
You can adjust the mining operation speed, it depends on the performance of your computer, if you are doing ordinary paperwork, you can adjust the operation speed to the maximum. 
If you are gaming, you can lower the operation speed.

The computing speed of the computer version can reach 2000H-13000/s or above, while the computing speed of the phone is about 80H/s (iphone). 
The editor attaches the results of the CryptoTab 
Browser mining Bitcoin for 5 days
Can mine on different devices at the same time
After that, you can use different devices to mine at the same time, provided that you are logged into the same Google account, you can also download the 
Cryptotab Browser iOS or Android app to mine.
To meet the minimum cashout amount (0.00001BTC), you need to have a Bitcoin Bitcoin wallet (eg Binance), press Withdrawal in the CryptoTab Browser , and fill in the Bitcoin Address just now.
1654077111 Cryptotab Browser教學 新手零成本被動比特幣Bitcoin收入 3 50 screenshot

Cryptotab Video Tutorial & test\

English Video Coming Soon

Cryptotab Browser Security Settings

After you install Cryptotab Browser, the built-in security centre, VPN security protection program or anti-virus software of Windows operating system may prompt you that the application will affect the security of your computer, you may not be able to open Cryptotab Browser, and even find that the application has automatically remove

To continue using Cryptotab Browser or other mining programs, if the security center has automatically removed the program, you may need to reinstall the application. If you find that the application has not been opened after several clicks

image 41
First, you can check whether there is a yellow exclamation mark on Windows Security on the toolbar (that is, it is recommended that you take action)
image 42
Click to protect history
image 43
In Potentially Unwanted Apps, click the latest blocking time, then check if the app is Cryptotab Browser or another mining extension
image 44
If you think related programs such as Cryptotab Browser are not too risky, click Action, and then allow on the device

About CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser was launched in 2018, and there is still no information about the program containing viruses. However, if you still have doubts, it is not recommended to download, or you can turn on a VPN to hide your IP and make your activities more anonymous (I recommend NordVPN ), making it harder for third parties/governments to track related transactions and mining activities.

Cryptocurrencies are risky and investing involves risk.

Cryptotab Browser FAQ

Is Cryptotab Browser legit or it is a scam?

The Economic Week of Hong Kong Media New Holidays and other media reporters have also shared and tested this software and successfully extracted Bitcoin. Of course, if you are safe, you can turn on VPN when mining (the article has exclusive VPN discounts), hide your IP and Make events more anonymous. 
CryptoTab Browser was launched in 2018, and there is currently no information about the program containing viruses.

Is Cryptotab easy to earn? How to earn bitcoins passive income?

To be honest, it is not as good as the media said that you can earn HKD$3,000 (US$270). You can read this article. We also provide video tutorials for proving, to prove this can quickly earn free passive income. 

However, CryptoTab Browser has a mining network function, which allows you to invite other friends to mine together. After establishing a network, it is easier for you to use CryptoTab Browser to make more money and become passive income.

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