Westwin (formerly Microsoft Online) launches new English language SEM solution for Baidu paid search

Westwin (formerly Microsoft Online) launches new English language SEM solution for Baidu paid search

SHANGHAI, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently Westwin (formerly Microsoft Online) is proud to announce the launch of SEM.Wreach.net – enabling non Chinese speakers to run paid search campaigns on Baidu.

Wreach SEM will form part of Wreach.net, which currently enables western companies to easily setup and manage their WeChat and Weibo company accounts. Wreach SEM will further enable western companies to conduct paid search keyword planning, campaign activation, reporting and optimisation, all in English.

Baidu currently receives 3.3 billion daily searches, while Google receives 5.6 billion and Microsoft Bing receives 0.9 billion. Baidu currently has a 34% share of global Search market.

Of the top 10 countries by GDP, China is the 2nd largest economy providing 25.7% of their GDP total (source: World Bank). China will overtake US to become the world’s largest economy by 2030 (source: CEBR).

Wreach SEM has been designed to open up the world’s second largest economy on the world’s second largest search engine to western companies wanting to do paid search in China. All translation happens instantly in-platform, with proofreading of all translations prior to launch, guaranteeing 100% accuracy and campaign confidence.

“Our goal,” says Alain de Maurier, Sales & Marketing Director at Westwin UK, “was to add the ability to do paid search on Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, but without the need to learn Chinese or necessarily rely on another 3rd party. Wreach in its previous form, let western businesses do social media in China; we always planned to include paid search at some point and we are pleased announce that point is right now, at a time when search engine marketing has never been so important, across every market globally.”

Wreach SEM gives you the freedom to:

1.  Understand China – Discover what Chinese users are really searching for

2.  Launch in China – Launch on Baidu with full understanding and complete confidence

3.  Scale in China – Monitor and optimise your campaigns in English and in real-time

If you want to run truly global Search campaigns, Wreach SEM is the all-in-one platform for you. To book a live demo of Wreach SEM or to setup your own logins to the platform, please visit the following link: https://sem.wreach.net/

About Westwin:

Formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), Westwin is a marketing agency specializing in cross-border digital advertising / marketing solutions. In August 2016, Westwin acquired the majority business of Microsoft Online (MSN China) to better serve the unique China market. As one of Microsoft’s core partners in China, Westwin focuses on driving business through Bing Ads. Westwin also inherited the branding and marketing consultancy business of Microsoft Advertising to help Chinese enterprises build brand globally. Apart from that, Westwin maintains partnerships with Baidu, Weibo and other Chinese digital platforms to offer one-stop digital marketing solutions to foreign businesses.


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