PR Newswire inks MOU with Flipbizz becoming official news partner

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flipbizz, a community management app that provides a networking avenue for potential business opportunities, and Cision PR Newswire, a leading global provider of news distribution and earned media software and services, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on May 11 to officially become news partners for the business industry, ensuring source authenticity and content accuracy.

PR Newswire inks MOU with Flipbizz becoming official news partner.

Attended by Andrew Lim, PR Newswire’s Business Development Manager and Ho Kim Hong, Founder and CEO of Flipbizz, the ceremony marks the fruition of a partnership that was in the works for over  two years.

Commenting on it, Ho Kim Hong thanked every party for their continued dedication and is “looking forward to strengthening business ties and providing better news transparency in Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) through this partnership.”

In addition, he expressed gratitude to for aiding this collaboration of which Flipbizz has been a core member since 2021.

A strategic partner in the business world

Over the recent years, PR Newswire Asia took notice of Flipbizz’s potential for business-minded users and deemed it to be the optimal platform to reach audiences in the business and entrepreneurial sectors.

“As a premier news distributor and media monitoring provider, we continuously aim to provide relevant news and updates to the right audience. By partnering with Flipbizz who has an industry focused platform, we are able to expand our reach to deliver reliable and engaging news updates to keen readers, ” added Andrew Lim.

Flipbizz is a community management app that provides a platform for users to network and seek potential business opportunities. Flipbizz provides services such as privacy protection and authentication to emphasise the importance of cybersecurity and the reliability of news sources to ensure entrepreneurs and investors can network with reputable businesses and individuals within the industry and share information without data breach and misinformation. Business-minded users are able to expand their network to reach communities related to their interests with Flipbizz’s user friendly interphase that displays all available communities to the public.

In addition, data analytics trace, automated member management, and customisable multiple community profiles for monetization are enabled for community managers to reduce the hassle of managing communities. Investors and entrepreneurs can track and manage networks for matchmaking optimization through categorized contacts and e-name cards.

The Flipbizz app can be downloaded on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Huawei App Gallery. New users can sign up for free and create their personal and business profiles with zero initial cost.

About Flipbizz

FLIPBIZZ is a community management platform at a glance for multiple purposes, providing privacy protection and authentication services while being able to display all their communities to the public.

To learn more about Flipbizz, visit

About Guoann Dot Com provides vast business opportunities and enables scouting for entrepreneurs from countries in RCEP countries.’s Member can leverage the platform to connect, engage, and build business networks across RCEP countries.

To learn more about Guoann Dot Com, visit www.

About PR Newswire

PR Newswire, a Cision Ltd. company (NYSE: CISN), is a leading global provider of news distribution and earned media software and services.  In conjunction with Cision’s cloud-based communications product suite, PR Newswire’s services enable marketers, corporate communicators, and investor relations officers to identify key influencers, engage target audiences, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content dissemination network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

For more information, please visit

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