Avaya Named ‘Exemplary Vendor’ by Ventana Research – Recognizing Avaya OneCloud CCaaS for Best Performance in Product and Customer Experience

HONG KONG, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Avaya (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance customer experience and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced it has been rated an ‘Exemplary Vendor’ and a Value Index Leader in the Ventana Research ‘Agent Management Value Index 2022 Vendor and Product Assessment.’ Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS helps organizations deliver effortless experiences for their customers and employees at every touchpoint by making it easy to connect everything – voice, video, chat, messaging, and more – and by bringing together teams, resources, and insights to maximize contact center performance and experiences.

The 2022 Value Index for Agent Management identifies the vendors that deliver the highest value based on an overall weighted evaluation and the rating of the vendor for product and customer experience. According to the report[1], in addition to being categorized as an Exemplary Vendor, Ventana Research ranked Avaya second in Customer Experience and as a Value Index Leader in Validation and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI).

To compete in today’s experience economy – where customers make purchase and brand decisions on how organizations make them feel – it is critical for organizations to deliver a Total Experience. Creating a Total Experience challenges organizations to think about the entire customer and employee journey – requiring them to build strategy, technology capability, and innovation frameworks holistically. Developing an end-to-end experience is essential for organizations to deliver a Total Experience, which becomes the intersection of Customer, Employee, User, and Multiexperience.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS helps organizations create a Total Experience using an expansive variety of agent and supervisor tools to help employees perform to their fullest and deliver experiences that matter.

Some benefits of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS include:

Smarter self-service: Deliver intelligent, conversational self-service—24/7—with options to connect with a live agent. Intelligent routing: Match customers with the best employees using business rules, internal and external context, and desired outcomes. Customer Journey Intelligence: Get ahead of every interaction by predicting needs and proactively engaging customers with customer journey intelligence. Completely connected employees: Enhance team collaboration with converged communications that dissolve front- and back-office silos. Simplify with a composable desktop: Put everything employees need in one place. Provide employees with a consolidated, simplified desktop view of everything they need across voice and digital channels. Connect your CRM application to get the best of both worlds. Deliver more with AI: Be ready for whatever customers might want next. Increase employee performance in real time by delivering prompts, initiating workflow actions, and enhancing compliance based on spoken words or phrases. Maximize performance: Create stronger teams. Improve interactions and identify skills gaps using quality management and advanced scoreboards to track, manage, and improve team performance, including gamification, coaching, and eLearning.

“Today customers are more demanding than ever with expectations continually changing and evolving,” said Todd Zerbe, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Avaya. “It is essential for organizations to provide employees with the tools and information they need to ‘wow’ customers at every step of the journey. By doing so, it helps build the customer loyalty and brand advocacy needed to compete in the experience economy.”

Keith Dawson, Vice President and Research Director of Customer Experience, Ventana Research, said, “Avaya OneCloud CCaaS provides an excellent range of capabilities to motivate, empower, and mentor an organization’s employees from recruitment to retention, enabling that organization to deliver an outstanding experience for its own customers and employees.”

Ventana Research’s Value Index is the result of decades of experience and over 19 years of research and knowledge of the market for customer experience software. It provides an in-depth analysis of technology suppliers’ products working with mobile technology, evaluating their strengths and gaps compared to competitors’ products.

The Value Index for Agent Management is neither sponsored nor influenced by technology vendors and is conducted solely in pursuit of Ventana Research’s mission to provide value to business and IT through advisory services, benchmark assessments, and workshops. Ventana Research’s goal is to help guide organizations to optimal efficiency in their use of technology investments for business and IT.

[1] https://www.ventanaresearch.com/value_index/customer_experience/agent_management/market-report/2022

Additional Resources:

Download the full Ventana Research Agent Management Value Index 2022 Vendor and Product Assessment. Read our blog about being named an “Exemplary Vendor” in the Ventana Research Agent Management Value Index 2022 Vendor and Product Assessment.  

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