Trick to watch free ViuTV live broadcasts overseas and replay TV programs with VPN

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Friends in Macau, Chinese or Hong Kong people who have immigrated to study or abroad (for example, immigrating to USA, Australia, the United Kingdom or Canada), or if you love Hong Kong culture and you would like to learn some Cantonese or Chinese, definitely ViuTV is a must to watch, But ViuTV is only available in Hong Kong, which means you can’t connect to ViuTV from Taiwan or overseas in normal ways. It will display the words “Videos are only limited to Hong Kong.” Here editor will introduce a trick for watching ViuTV, you need to connect with a stable VPN. This article teaches you how to watch ViuTV programs and live broadcasts overseas across regions with ViuTV VPN.

Techmusea Editor is from Hong Kong and will give you the best proof and advice among all reviews in the internet.

What is ViuTV?

ViuTV is a TV channel that young people in Hong Kong love to watch recently. In fact, entertainment reality shows are highly sought after. Because of the nationwide star-making craze, two men’s team groups were formed-Hong Kong idol groups Mirror and Error. The two big boy groups have become the darlings of Hong Kong advertisers, covering up to 80% of all advertisements in Hong Kong, including McDonald’s, Deliveroo, Häagen-Dazs, LG, Samsung and other large brands

ViuTV, also known as Channel 99, provides two Hong Kong free TV channels. provides the “online version” of Hong Kong’s digital entertainment TV programs, providing variety shows and live broadcast platforms and other related content

Please be noted that Viu is different from ViuTV though they are from the same Group.

Why there’s restriction watching ViuTV in overseas ?

Due to copyright or commercial considerations, some or all programs will be displayed as “only broadcast in Hong Kong“. This is a measure adopted by most TV media and streaming platforms. The website will detect the location of your IP address and filter suitable content. So the ViuTV webpage is an example. If your IP address is determined to be in a region or country outside of Hong Kong, it will be blocked and display “Sorry, the video is only available in Hong Kong.”

limit hk viutv 1024x538 1
ViuTV will display “The video is only available in Hong Kong” overseas

How to use VPN to watch ViuTV live streaming and program review across regions

You can change your IP address through the VPN service so that you are in the same place. VPN technology can use the remote VPN server as your “transit station”, then you will become the IP of the VPN server in the mind of the website, and the address will also become the IP location where the VPN server is located. Area.

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If you are in USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or other places, and want to watch the live broadcasts and programs of Hong Kong ViuTV, you can refer to the following tutorials and steps (also applicable to friends from other regions)
Switch to Hong Kong using a VPN service
Register and download the VPN , NordVPN is recommended (or other VPN services )to switch to Hong Kong. 
If you use NordVPN , select Hong Kong and click Connect
viutv vpn connect 1
Visit ViuTV website / Use ViuTV App to watch the live TV or on-demand program
Visit ViuTV website (or refresh the page) / Viutv App, select the program and the episodes, you can also choose to download the ViuTV app for free
Hong Kong ViuTV website
viutv vpn connect 3
viutv vpn connect 4
Clear Cookie
You can use a Chrome Extension that clears cookies (this step can be ignored, if you can’t watch the video after switching regions, you can follow this step)

VPN Recommendations

The VPNs introduced below can be smoothly connected to the ViuTV website to watch programs and videos, and live streaming. Among them , NordVPN is the most recommended.



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Video Proof

The video is just proof. Editor uses NordVPN  testing ViuTV live broadcast and on-demand, using Chrome browser on Windows 11 system, NordVPN speed is very fast and stable, I recommend everyone to use it

Can I watch ViuTV overseas?

Yes, using VPN trick, you can. Please have a look at the following method.

Any difference between Viu & ViuTV?

Yes. ViuTV is a TV broadcasting channel in Hong Kong (Channel 96 and 99) with a free replay service. Viu is a streaming OTT platform targeting Hong Kong and other Asian countries like Singapore, like Netflix. Some TV drama episodes will be shared by both of them. But self-made popular shows made in Hong Kong by Viu will be mainly aired in ViuTV while outsourcing shows and shows from other regions will be on Viu something.

How do I use VPN on VIU?

Yes, using VPN trick, you can. Please have a look at the following method.

Can I watch ViuTV in USA?

Yes, using VPN trick, you can. Please have a look at the following method.

How can I watch ViuTV in Australia?

Yes, using VPN trick, you can. Please have a look at the following method.


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