Trick to get Cheapest Youtube Premium for $0.3 Monthly with VPN? Tutorial & Price Comparison 2022 By Region and Country

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Looking for cheapest price for Youtube Premium? The editor has been using YouTube Premium for more than 2 years, and we found that cheapest YouTube Premium country with help of VPN for ONLY US$0.31(ARS $29.77) per month through the teaching of this article. In this review article, we’ll go through with this “Youtube Premium Argentina” Method and help you to get cheap price with the tutorial below.

Unlike other blogs and posts, we have real reviews and tutorials with video proof! When you get bored especially when you work from home, you can watch variety shows, Youtuber short videos, movies, and TV shows. But just because you spend a lot of time at home for entertainment, do you want to watch YouTube videos on your mobile phone or computer with no ads? Youtube Premium got a lot of great features and you definitely love it.

Youtube Premium benefits

What are the pros/benefits of Youtube Premium membership?


Save Money including Premium music streaming service

Youtube Music Premium with most song inventory out of all other music streaming services

There is no need to purchase additional music streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes Apple Music, Pandora Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, KKBox, Joox, Moov, etc., Youtube Premium Plan include ad-free Youtube Premium Music allows you to listen to global music


Save Time

Zero ads

You don’t need to watch ads anymore when you listen to music and watch movies, and you don’t need to wait for an internet connection to watch movies on your mobile phone.


Experience Multitasking

Play video in background

Play games and listen to Youtube streaming videos


Save Mobile Data

Offline Youtube video download

You can download music or videos offline on your phone, and you don’t need to wait for a network connection to watch videos on your phone


Try new Features

Such as iOS Picture to Picture
1659128770 image
Trick to get Cheapest Youtube Premium for $0.3 Monthly with VPN? Tutorial & Price Comparison 2022 By Region and Country Image 11

Be the first to try new features such as message translation and iOS picture-in-picture


Youtube Original

Exclusive membership Youtube videos or movies

Best Youtube Premium Subscription Price Summary

We summarised the ways of purchasing youtube premium from comments and discord, and we found that VPN (e.g. NordVPN) with Youtube Premium Argentina Family Plan is the best-proven method.

Youtube Premium Cheapest wayAverage monthly cost per person
Method 1: VPN (e.g. NordVPN ) + Youtube Premium Argentina Family Plan US $0.3 ARS $29.77 / HK$2.36 / NT $8.41)
Method 2: VPN (e.g. NordVPN ) + Youtube Premium Argentina Personal PlanUS $1.21 ( ARS $119 / HK$9.44 / NT $33.61)
Method 3: Youtube Premium Taiwan Individual PlanUS $6.47 (HK$50.29 / NT $179 )
Method 4: Youtube Premium Hong Kong Personal PlanUS $8.74 ( HK$68 / NT $242.04)

Youtube Premium Price list and detailed comparison in different regions or countries

Youtube Premium Monthly Subscription Fee

Country/ RegionPersonal monthly fee (calculated base on currency of region/country )Personal monthly fee
USD ($)*
ArgentinaARS 119.00$1.20
South Africa71.99$4.94
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg6.99$8.13
Czech Republic179.00$8.17
Hong Kong68.00$8.74
United States11.99$11.99
Austria, France, Germany, Italy11.99$13.95
United Kingdom11.99$16.54

Why using VPN?

Through the VPN service, it changes your IP address (something like your internet home address) , so that you can pretend that you are in that place. VPN technology can use the remote VPN server as your “transit station”, then your device will be using the IP of the VPN server, and the address will also become the IP location where the VPN server is located.

VPN allows users to watch streaming platforms across different regions e.g. Netflix, Disney+, NBA, ViuTV. You can get rid of adware, trackers, malware and phishing attempts. It also encrypts Internet traffic through VPN tunnels, hides your IP address, and protect and shield your private data from third parties. Your activities and sensitive data will not be leaked. Apart from purchasing cheap Youtube Premium, Netflix, etc, it is essential, especially the internet is everywhere.

What we see in Hong Kong is, after the National Security Law announced, many people search VPN and they want activities and sensitive data not to be leaked. In the US, Edward Snowden recommends user to use reliable VPN services

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Youtube Premium VPN Video Tutorial

In case, you want to follow the steps through video, here’s the video tutorial, do give us a like, comment and share with your friends. Please also subscribe our channel, and we will produce more English Content for you!

The following video may be blocked or restricted by Youtube, as this trick might not favour Youtube revenue. Buy me a coffee if you want to support us in creating more real tutorials and tricks

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Editor choice 1 NordVPN
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Step by Step Tutorial on Argentina Youtube Premium Subscription Plan

Update: NordVPN is the only one that can successfully purchase YouTube Premium Argentina from different regions. I tried to use Surfshark VPN to Argentina, However, the youtube premium subscription page is not showing ARS, Which means that Surfshark VPN cannot be used in this case

Tutorial on getting cheap Youtube Premium ARGENTINA With VPN
Of course, if you want to subscribe to YouTube Premium in other regions, such as India/Argentina or Turkey, just change the VPN connection node below. The following teaching will use YouTube Premium Argentina as an example
(Discord fans reported on 2022/09 that they successfully subscribed to Youtube Premium Argentina via the following methods)
Add Family Members (For Youtube Premium Family Plan Users)
Visit 【 Google Families 】 and add Family Members, skip if you join Individual Plan
Choose VPN service for subscription of YouTube Premium Argentina / Turkey
I have tested NordVPN connection and there is no problem at all, Of course, VPN is not just for subscribing Turkey / Argentina YouTube Premium. If you are interested, please refer to the following article in detail. This article only lists the following highlights

YouTube will display an offered price if you are in Argentina / Turkey, otherwise, it will display your current local price, so you need to switch to Argentina / Turkey with VPN Service, such as NordVPN, we got an exclusive discount offer above (to be honest, this is the cheapest price)
Connect VPN & Visit Youtube Premium Argentina Page
After login / register VPN, Choose 【 Argentina / Turkey 】. Then Visit 【 YouTube Premium Argentina / Turkey purchase page 】, the price of YouTube Premium Argentina will be automatically displayed. Choose the plan you want (the editor recommends you to use a cheaper family plan) and press the free trial button

For Individual plan : Click 【Free Trial】
For Family plan: Click 【family member】 or related words

The alt attribute value of this image is empty, and its file name is image-1024x763.png
Fill in billing information and address with Postal Code
Enter the credit card information: credit card number (Mastercard/Visa, prepaid cards are also accepted), credit card expiration date, credit card verification code CVC (usually three digits), credit cardholder name

We also notice that prepaid cards can also be use for card confirmation
The alt attribute value of this image is empty, and its file name is image-1-1024x621.png

Then, fill in the billing information. The following information is the sample billing address. Please go to the following website to get a random address

Street:   Riobamba 672
City:    Merlo
State/province/area:     Buenos Aires
Phone number:   (0220) 485-5352
Country calling code:   +54
Country :  Argentina
image 10

Please search for Argentina postal code in the search engine or find a valid postal code
in the following website
Setup Done and Good to go
Done, Youtube will automatically charge monthly payments, no need to connect to VPN anymore and do any settings (unless your credit card is invalid)

Buy Us Coffee if you think this tutorial helps, you support is greatly appreciated 🙂

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Thanks Israr and other supporters for coffee support

Youtube Premium Argentina VPN Suggestions

VPN introduced below can be successfully connected to Argentina to subscribe YouTube Premium Argentina plan, of which we most recommend NordVPN

Update: NordVPN is the only one that can successfully purchase YouTube Premium Argentina from different regions. I tried to use Surfshark VPN to Argentina, However, the youtube premium subscription page does not show ARS, Which means that Surfshark VPN cannot be used in this case

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Best value 3 Atlas VPN
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4 ExpressVPN
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Free 3 Month

YouTube Premium Payment

The editor has been subscribed for a long time, and has been successfully subscribed to Youtube Premium through VPN in Hong Kong, and sent the latest payment certificate in 2022

2BFC5B27 1698 4EBA 86F2 092759DE50A8
The editor uses Hong Kong ZA Card prepaid credit card to pay, and successfully consumes Youtube Premium at HKD8.98 (~US$1). The bill will be charged at the price of Youtube Premium in Argentina, and then calculated through the exchange rate. The price is subject to the local credit card or bank.

Youtube Premium FAQ

Why does YouTube Premium cost so much?

Yes, some country/regions charge higher, however you can use VPN to get cheaper Youtube Premium, check out the link to see how this cheap hack works with proven screenshots. We also get exclusive VPN offer for you guys!

What is included in YouTube Premium?

Youtube Music Premium + Ad-Free Youtube + Youtube Originals

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When I try to add someone to the family account, they get an error that they can’t join my family since it’s another country… I changed payment profile to the same country as my invitation but it still doesnt work. Any advice?


I am based in Canada. I created a family first and sent out the invites to my family members in India. They also got the error message saying not in the same country. Can they VPN into Canada/Argentina and bypass that message? Or do they change their address in their payment profile to Canada?


There is no option to add family members if you’ve never had YouTube Family. Any ideas?


I have surfshark vpn activated from UK to India server. My options in youtube premium are still showing me in Euro option. My country in google play is set to India, payment cards are also from india, and mobile number is also Indian. Still prices shown are in eruos (lot more exp) not INR.

Last edited 1 month ago by Amit
Mike Grisius

It wotks ^^


Does he work for you now?

Premium Account

i made a new account located in argentina and with vpn all works great. Also the purcase worked for me. Iam also able to login to youtube and google account on pc but if i try to login with my smartphone iphone 13 max pro and a samsung Note 8 it does say wrong password. Iam 100% sure i use the right one. Tryd to change passwort and always the same. With and without VPN on. With and without autofill password by lastpass. Do you or anyone have an idea?

Drew Drake

This doesn’t work for me… All four of my credit cards declined. Any ideas?

The Drunken Swede

Very good and informative. Thumbs up.

Noy Franco

Do I need to create a new Google account or can I use my current one?

Ky Md

Yeah this crap doesn’t work anymore


Doesnt work for me, doesn’t process the payment..


I had the same issue. Then I tried again in Incognito mode and it worked fist time

Fizz youtube

Thanks works fines with me ! Love from malaysia


It’s not asking me for a credit card, it’s asking me for tax information. I live in the US so obviously I can’t provide that 😔

Eduard Costiniuc

Can someone tell me if this still works right now ? Last week I had no issues and today I can.t add credit card ( same used few days ago )

Mx Bao

great video. a few questions here: 1 do I need to keep theVPNn on when watching youtube? 2 can iinstall VPNn on LG smart tv? 3 canIi open the main accountin Argentinaa and add existing youtube accounts to the family plan?

Salman KSA

What is country u select to buy a premium?

Call me Obese

your english is great! I am from NYC and your english is a lot better than a lot of people here . Keep up the good work.

Call me Obese

my card declines with a address from argentina:(


Dude! I’m going to try this!

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